For over 15 years, Stoyan Design has helped position us as the leading global action sports lifestyle brand. We’ve worked well together to spread our message of authenticity and core brands to investors throughout the world.””

Bob McKnight, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Quiksilver Incorporated

Beckman Coulter

Stoyan has always found a fresh approach to simplifying our corporate communications. It’s a great thing when you can rely on a company to bring clarity to something as complex as medical diagnostics.”

Cynthia Skoglund, Investor Relations
Beckman Coulter, Inc.

Spicers Paper

In the new world of digital media, we’re always looking for new ways to market our products. Stoyan has always been an integral part of that process, and has helped Spicers Paper launch a very successful campaign for the Spicers Digital line of products. Stoyan has been instrumental in helping extend our reach into this ever growing market segment.”

Tom Liotta, Vice President of Marketing
Spicers Paper